Clear type transparent flange guard(Safety spray shields)

The Clear type transparent flange guard(Safety spray shields) is composed of a clear Teflon central section and Teflon coated fiberglass side sections. This material is inherently UV resistant and allows visual inspection of the flange joint. Clear type transparent flange guard is used for high concentration acid, caustic and Lube Oil. All our Clear type transparent flange guards (Safety spray shields) come with data sheet and test certificate. Clear type transparent flange guards :

1. Helps in easy Visual inspection of the flange Joint. A large number of manufacturers use FEP/Transparent PVC shielding which becomes hazy with time, prevents any visual inspection and cannot withstand high temperature.

2. Kevlar threads -We use Kevlar threads which are yellow in colour and can take very high temperature. Most of the manufacturers use cotton or nylon thread which disintegrate easily in high temperature and hazardous environment.

3. PTFE (Teflon) coated Fiberglass on the side sections holds the clear central transparent window securely over the flanges.

Flange Guard Type –

1. PP Flange Guard

2. PTFE flange Guards

3. Stainless Steel Flange Guards

4. Clear Type Flange Guards

5. PVC Shields

6. Flange Guard with Drain

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