PVC flange Guard (PVC Shields)

The PVC flange Guard (PVC Shields) is made from Multi layers of polyvinyl chloride and includes a leak indicator patch. The Leak indicator patch will change colour in case of a spray out. The PVC flange Guard (PVC Shields) is secured on the flange with help from Velcro strips and PVC ropes which are tightened securely on the flange. The PVC flange Guard (PVC Shields) provides a safe discharge of the hazardous fluid thus preventing any accidents or damage to costly industrial equipment.

What is Flange Guard ?

Flange Guards are protective covering which contains a spray out and provides a safe discharge. Flange Guards also prevent mist formation.

Flange Guard Type –

1. PP Flange Guard

2. PTFE flange Guards

3. Stainless Steel Flange Guards

4. Clear Type Flange Guards

5. PVC Shielding

6. Flange Guard with Drain

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